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The advantage of creating a website from scratch:

  • Optimized and lightweight website
  • You do not pay for functionality that you will not use
  • Sites created from scratch have more trust and solidity for the user who purchased such a website

Hi! My name is Oliya Rakhmatova. I am Front - End Developer. I create various web pages such as landing pages, commerce sites or business card sites. Taking everything into consideration, I'm teacher. Mainly I teach web development, programming language and in the past, programming robots.

If you want to know my professional skills, you can download my resume.

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Job Success Percentage of successfully completed work.

Lines of code wtitten Number of lines of code written.

Years of experience Time of professional experience gained over a given period of time.

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What I Do


On the training of web development, there are courses to increase the level of proficiency in this direction

Creating Websites

To present your website on the internet: responsive, optimized and lightweight

Web Designer

A draft template for your website to template and create a website

Technical consultation

Technical consultation for your business on the Internet

Key Programming with JS

Here I will tell you how to program a key with JS for web development.

Top 5 useful links for web developers

In this article, we'll go over the most useful links for web development, as well as their benefits.

Useful articles on social media programming

The most frequently asked question is which programmers run their blog and why is it needed at all?

Web developer frameworks

The main question is, what frameworks can web developers work with and which are the most relevant?


Here you can read reviews from those with whom this web developer has previously worked

Nurali Ziyoev

Ceo & Founder Daily Opportunity

Oliya has good software skills, which makes her an amazing employee, and at the moment you can count such people on your finger, and then if you're lucky Oliya is also a good mentor who helps young novice programmers to learn and goes through this learning path more efficiently and quickly. sollicitudin.

Mohammad Kazem Bahram

Back - end Developer at the company GenoSystem

The codes' Oliya are really indented and clear to read!

Mehron Dilshodov

CEO of League of Robots in Tajikistan

She always meets the deadlines for completing tasks and at the same time managed to take on additional responsibilities. The amount of work performed is evidence of professionalism and hard work.

Izzat Pochoev

Amazon Mobile Developer

–°ool developer with a huge amount of experience, a very soulful person, you feel that you have known this person for a long time, a professional in his field, well done, there would be more such people.

Davron Atabaev


Perfect understanding of the customer's desire, as well as visualization of design perfomance in several versions. Efficiency of work at the highest level, this is what speaks of a serious approach to business and respect for your time.

Daler Faizulloev

Co-Founder UFP Tajikistan and CEO REZERO

I want to express my gratitude to a responsible web developer with a lot of experience. Throughout the cooperation, she always offered her ideas and recommendations, which helped us achieve better results. She was very responsible in her work and always fulfilled her obligations on time. I recommend this developer to anyone who is looking for a professional in their field.


Here you can see some of my current work

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  • Web - sites
  • Draft





Perfomance Hub






Vatan ICT




UFP Tajikistan



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Oliya Rakhmatova

Front - End Developer


Oliya Rakhmatova

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Dushanbe, Tajikistan


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